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Yomassage™ Therapist Training is a 16 hour certification program that is divided into a comprehensive 2-day Training.

In this program you will learn: how to structure a Yomassage™ class, body mechanics, self massage techniques, restorative yoga postures, and modifications and adjustments in each pose. You will be given sample sequences and leave the training ready to start offering Yomassage™ classes to your clients.

Yomassage™ Therapist Training is open to Massage Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Reiki Practitioners, and Craniosacral Practitioners.

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How Yomassage Can Help You Grow Your Business

We want to set you up with all of the tools you will need to run and grow your business. Whether you’re a Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, or Reiki Practitioner, we hope YoMassage will expand your practice, give you more options, and allow you to serve more people.

Offering a New & Unique Service

Supported yoga postures combined with hands on massage is a unique service that you can’t find anywhere else. Combing these two proven therapeutic techniques will help set you apart from other therapists in your area.

Serve Multiple Clients At Once

The Yomassage class format allows you to serve 1-8 clients in the same session. We recommend charging $40-$70/ person/ 90 min session. This means you can make $320-$560 per class.

Tap Into A New Demographic

Offering hands-on massage at a lower price point and adding in the aspect of yoga will open up doors to a brand new group of clientele.

See Your Clients More Frequently

Because the class is more accessible, your clients will come back monthly, bi-weekly, or even every week.

Get More Private Clients

In every Yomassage class that you teach, you will be serving multiple clients at once. At least one client out of every Yomassage session is likely to schedule a private BodyWork session with you.

Parties & Events

Branch out and serve specialized groups such as bachelorette parties, bridal & baby showers, birthday celebrations, and girls night outs.

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