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Exciting News: Expanding My Practice to Arizona!

Many of you know I'm a passionate advocate for massage therapy and its incredible benefits.  I'm thrilled to announce that I've recently obtained my massage therapist license for the state of Arizona as of 3/26/24!

While I'm not relocating (don't worry, Oregon clients!), this exciting development allows me to welcome new clients in Arizona, a state I've always loved visiting.  It also reflects my commitment to upholding the highest standards of practice in every location I serve.

Why Licensing Matters

Licensing is more than just a piece of paper – it's about safety and trust. In Arizona AND in Oregon, becoming a licensed massage therapist requires rigorous education, passing a comprehensive exam, and, most importantly, undergoing thorough background checks.

The Importance of Background Checks

You might have seen some recent discussions about background checks for massage therapists. Let's delve a little deeper into why they're crucial.

Imagine a background check as a two-part security system:

  • The Standard Fingerprint Clearance: This initial check reviews your criminal history through the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) and potentially with the FBI. This ensures individuals with certain disqualifying offenses can't practice massage.  Both Oregon and Arizona require massage therapists to have their fingerprints done and the FBI background check.

  • The Level 1 Security Clearance Card in AZ: This more in-depth check, introduced in 2023, provides an even more comprehensive look at your background. It's renewed every six years, ensuring continued public safety.

Peace of Mind for You and Me

These background checks offer a significant layer of security for both clients and therapists. You can be confident that I, and all licensed massage therapists in Arizona & Oregon, have met stringent requirements before working with clients.

For me, this process reflects a deep commitment to ethical practice and building trust. It's a promise to provide safe, professional massage therapy services to everyone who walks through my door.

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