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Listening • Speaking Up • Taking Action

I must acknowledge the collective traumas in the Black Community, but my words and opinions are irrelevant.  If you would prefer, please skip to the taking action section at the bottom of this email. 

• Listening •

I have spent the past week, reading, watching and listening to as much information written, recorded and published by Black Creators as I can.  While knowing deep down that it will never be enough to truly give me an understanding of what many of you and your families are feeling and going through right now.   In the past, I have never spent as much time learning and listening to the stories of those who are most affected by the system that has made my life, what it is today.  

In the words of Martin Luther King, “Every society has its protectors of status quo and its fraternities of the indifferent who are notorious for sleeping through revolutions. Today, our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.” For parents who need support in how to talk to your kids about racism, please watch this VIDEO on YouTube.

• Speaking Up •

I know that it is my responsibility to educate myself on how I can better support and empower those who have not had the same access to opportunities as me. With that said, I am speaking up against those around me who refuse to acknowledge the truth of what is going on.

• Taking Action •

To the Black Community — I see you. You matter and your lives matter.

Something important to me, is to find and contribute to organizations, scholarships and associations who provide resources, training and support for support Black Entrepreneurs, Black Business Owners, Black Creators, Black Artists and Black Youth who want to start their own businesses.  

Moving forward, a percentage of my business profits will support:

OmThrive -“Om Thrive provides healing yoga and wellness services to survivors of domestic violence and under-served communities of color.”  Founded by Day Bibb, more about Day HERE.

• Day also started Helen Rose Skincare and I will be purchasing single use body butters from her in bulk.

Additionally, Black Children will receive free pediatric massage from me.  While 98% of my business is utilizing barefoot massage techniques, I do have extensive training in pediatric massage, kids yoga as well as advanced trauma informed training.   My passion in working with children is about creating safe spaces, where children’s preferences are heard and honored by a ‘professional’, as well as helping create positive associations to safe touch.  Frankly, I want them to know the difference between safe and unsafe touch and be empowered to speak up for themselves.

If you or someone you know would like to schedule this once I have reopened, please email me back.

How you can help support this:

• Come and see me for a massage once I am reopened- a percentage of each massage will go to OmThrive, and your appointments will enable me to offer free pediatric massages to black children.

• Write a review - if you have not done so already, please post a review on Google, Facebook and or Yelp.  These reviews are especially important if your child has received a massage from me.

• Share this email with anyone you feel might benefit from my services.


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Thank you to those who have been models and role models for me these past few years - you have helped my business create welcoming imagery for Black Communities.  I am forever grateful to have worked with you.  As much I have tried to be aware of my advantages, entitlement and privilege as a white woman, I will be clumsy in my words - but I am not going to be silent.

With loving kindness,

Linda Caravia, LMT #6600


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