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Reiki is a modality recognized by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapy and within the scope of practice of Oregon massage therapists.


Holy Fire Reiki Session for both adults and children


Currently offered in person or a long-distance session over Zoom.  When I practice energy work, set aside my own agenda and ego structure so I can allow the flow of universal reiki energy into the energetic field.  Clients have told me they feel increased joy, less pain and are more clearly aligned to their own purpose.  Clients have also said that they can feel my hands heat up quite dramatically with the different hand placements during in-person sessions.   Most clients fall asleep.  This session is set so I do not process the energy with you, but rather witness the energy.  In other words, this is not a psychic reading although sometimes people get intuitive images or experience dreams during the session.


You might think of this offering as restorative and supportive (like restorative yoga).  Clients lay on my massage table with clothing off or on under the sheet and blanket.


Please contact me should you have questions about this offering and here is a link to find out more about Holy Fire Reiki:

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