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This Copper Guasha Tool was designed by a licensed massage therapist for the purposes of use in professional practice settings.  The lightweight copper material combined with the simple design and finish make this tool one of a kind and useful in private practice as well as for self-care purposes.

The large-sized Copper Guasha Tool is advantageous to use for the therapist since the tool's size efficiently covers the major areas with less exertion, especially for the back, hips and extremities. The small-sized Copper Guasha Tool is helpful to work in smaller areas such as the neck, scalp, hands and the ankles with finer, precise movements.

This tool was laser cut then sanded by hand locally in Portland, OR.

5.625” wide, 2.75” tall, and is .0625” thick (larger version).

3.9” wide, 1.91” tall, and .0625” thick (smaller version).

C11000 copper, commonly used in electrical applications due to it’s high conductivity and easy forming

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