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Private Yoga Therapeutics


One-on-one Hatha-based yoga session that includes a sequence written for and customized to you. Includes massage time on the table. Intention to re-pattern movement & activate intrinsic core muscles while keeping wrists & joints safe and pain-free doing yoga with integrity.  


Family Yoga


A fun, educational workshop that incorporates an yoga adventure story and pediatric massage techniques for working with your own children.  We will use child-friendly and age-appropriate stories, songs, rhymes and movement games to help further strengthen your connection with your child both verbally and non-verbally.  This workshop is perfect for parents, primary caretakers and yogis alike.


Sarga Self-Care in-person classes


I will also be infusing the use of the Lanshin Massager for the ultimate self-nurturing experience.  In the meantime, take some time to nurture yourself with this free self-care course.  Link in bio or below:

Yelp Review:

"Linda is a terrific yoga instructor and amazing with children! The program itself is high quality, and varied, they are actually learning yoga, breathing, calming, and self-management/expression techniques. Imagination Yoga is also super fun for kids, active and imaginative, and they seem to feel very empowered after class. Linda is both gentle and spunky, kids love her calm reassuring temperament, as well as her playfulness. I have two rowdy young boys, and they are energized by her classes and do amazing in them, and have come home with genuine self-calming techniques. My two-year-old insists that she isn't his yoga teacher, that Linda is his friend."

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