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MVA Billing for LMTs

Learn MVA insurance billing, ethical & legal considerations, how to educate clients on the process, and set up smart boundaries.  

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MVA Billing for Licensed Massage Therapists

  • EIN/NPI numbers

  • Rates for medical massage - including a maximum pay calculator from

  • PIP (Personal Injury Protection) - Oregon State Law overview and resources

  • Client Inquiry -Educating the client on how billing works and Information needed from the client to bill before the first appointment

  • Cover completing the CMS1500 form 

  • Faxing - CMS1500, SOAP notes, and referral

  • HIPAA compliance - when an attorney or another office asks for your notes

  • Calling the client's insurance agent -ensuring the medical PIP has been started, checking for deductible (if any), and asking if there is anything important to know regarding billing and when to call on past due bills, tracking

  • Creating your MVA billing inquiry form (optional)

  • Tips

  • Pros/Cons of offering MVA billing

  • Advertising

  • Q&A

You will receive a certificate upon completion for 2 CEs.  This class costs $79 per person.

Out-of-state participants: This class is aimed at Oregon Licensed Massage Therapists, yet the billing process is the same for any state.  Maximum allowable charges per unit could be different from state to state.

This class is a recorded Zoom class. Class Outline above.

This course is non-supervised, and you will receive 2 continuing education credits under the topic 'Massage and Bodywork Business Practices.'

To sign up and receive the links and forms, please use the payment link above or email: 

Course outline:

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