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I provide personalized business consulting for health and wellness professionals seeking to nurture and grow their businesses.  Helping others deepen their vision for personal, familial, and community wellness.


Consulting other LMTs and Wellness Practitioners and coming from a place of abundance is a passion of mine.  With 31 years of business experience and being licensed for massage in 1998, I've found certain core strategies for success.  Recently on the cover of ABMP’s magazine (Massage & Bodywork -March/April 2019), and in both Massage & Bodywork and Massage Therapy magazine in May, I LOVE marketing and have a growth mindset.   If you are interested in a consultation to determine if we would be a match to work together, please email me a brief description of your business, your main goals, and the concerns you need support with.


It’s my mission to support you in growing a thriving, sustainable business that serves your life as well as your community.  I work well with clients who are already in business and ready to take action towards growing it while maintaining a work/life balance. Together we will create set up a personalized plan and solid foundation for achieving your business goals, and provide feedback, individual strategies and accountability.  I will provide and research local and national resources, useful feedback and success strategies customized for your needs. The goal is to nurture your business and work smarter to customize a plan that is easy for you to implement.


In between meetings you will receive one check-in email to offer support and accountability.   I will go over a flexible outline of some meeting subjects. The order of working through these subjects can be flexible as well as spread out through additional meetings if more time is needed.

FEEs & Disclaimer

The appointments are prepaid, with a maximum of 2 hours per session; with one email correspondence included in between meetings.  I do not claim to be an accountant or lawyer. It is your responsibility to follow up with ideas we discuss within your scope of practice and within both Oregon and Federal laws.   We will sign a contract so our intellectual rights are protected by all parties. The outline and worksheets provided for you in these meetings may not be used for 3rd party consulting.

Let's see if we are a good match to work together!  Please email me a little bit about your business, the way you work best and your main goal.

Are you a licensed massage therapist interested in taking a Sarga Bodywork course? 

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