As a bodyworker, my skill set lies in my ability to sense responses of the energetic field, the nervous system and tissues of the body.  Holding the safest of spaces, while deeply attuned to my work supports a quiet and responsive relationship with those I serve.   Above all else, my purpose is to empower clients to confidently communicate preferences and see them honored and attended to.  My vision is for that confidence, safety and care to expand into their lives.


As your body’s needs change, different massage techniques are used to customize each appointment. Some of these modalities include:




Linda specializes in barefoot massage, both Ashiatsu and Sarga bodywork. By applying broad, deep slow pressure with her feet, she is able to affect profound change and induce deep relaxation.  Linda doesn't chat during sessions not only because most clients like to relax, but because this style of massage requires intense focus and effort -she has to breathe (it's a workout).

As a licensed massage therapist and longtime yogi, musculoskeletal anatomy and kinesiology have become a natural passion. Linda's work is slow and intentionally designed to create deep relaxation. Linda appreciates yoga for the deeper connection it brings to the sense of mobility, while massage increases a sense of connectedness to one another. She believes by attending to one another in community classes we increase our joy and sense of belonging.