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Our emotions are processed not only in the mind, not only the heart or our gut - as many of you may already know, the whole body processes emotions and responds to intentions.  Every cell.  It’s almost as if our intentions towards ourselves and our beliefs activate certain parts of us and deactivate other parts.  It feels like these are codes we write into our cells' functions.

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Class Outline:

  • Discussion about that class's chakra

  • Land Acknowledgement

  • Meditation / Visualization

  • Affirmations

  • Mudras

  • Self Massage & breathwork

  • Yoga Poses (about 3 per class)

  • Ho'oponopono prayer (extended version written by me)

  • Journal Prompts - in the activity book

  • Weekly Activities - in the activity book

You will receive class videos (about 60 mins each, one chakra per class) an 80+ page digital activity book and affirmation cards.

7 main chakras = $99

13 extended series, 7 main + 6 lesser-known chakras =$199

This class is taught through my lens as an experienced bodyworker, not as anyone who has infused into or proclaim other cultures.  This is grounded in and born from my belief that you can clear your own energy as I prompt and hold space to focus on different areas. I believe by doing this class one of the benefits you will notice is that you will allow others to treat you as you treat yourself especially physically.  So, the next time you see a massage therapist these intentions you have infused into your body will create a very uplifting experience.


Please feel empowered to say yes to what you are aligned with and disregard anything that does not work for you in the class.  Materials will be sent via email.  

Let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions.  Thanks for inquiring!

To sign up or ask questions, email:

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